ipad wifi

IMS have vast experience in broadband distribution through cabled and wireless networks within a building. Setting up and managing a network locally is vital for clients to make the most of a high quality broadband connection.

IMS install a management router on site which is configured to manage all broadband traffic. The admin and public networks are separated for the client to ensure all information located on the admin network is secure. The public network is set up with user profiles to share the bandwidth available evenly across all users and devices.

IMS offer a Wi-Fi marketing solution on the public network which allows clients to display advertising and interact with customers connecting to on premise Wi-Fi.

Custom configuration such as setting up of static IP addresses, creating VPNs, and dedicating bandwidth to voice traffic is complete on clients request as part of the installation. The IMS support team are always there to help the client with any new changes required to the network ensuring the network is always operating efficiently and that all users receive an excellent broadband connection.