broadband support IMS

Broadband Provision

IMS specialise in the provision of high capacity broadband connections in Ireland and the UK with service delivery via fibre or dedicated point to point wireless links.

In all cases we offer symmetrical bandwidth to our customers allowing them to upload and download data at the same speeds. Most service providers reference the download speeds offered but will rarely mention upload speeds which are important for sending data, uploading files, and sharing information.

At a network level, high capacity upload allows for the provision of voice services (VoIP), VPNs, and remote access to CCTV and other systems. Our clients range from small business customers with a 10Mb dedicated wireless point to point connection to high end customers connected to a 1GB fibre circuit.


Fibre Broadband

Hotels, student villages, apartment complexes, and large businesses all require access to high speed broadband. IMS offer fibre to the building in all of the major towns and cities in Ireland and the UK.

Fibre broadband offers huge advantages in reliability, capacity, and the ability to support voice applications. Customers are connected to the fibre network which is linked directly to a data centre offering the highest quality broadband connection available to our clients.


Wireless Broadband

We provide dedicated wireless point to point links for clients who are located in areas where direct fibre is not an option. IMS has ‘high site’ locations in all major towns and cities to distribute wireless point to point connections.

The wireless connection is ‘the last mile’ of the connection to the client. We locate a radio on the clients’ site and complete a point to point link back to the high site location. At the high site location, the broadband connection is connected to a fibre circuit linked to a data centre ensuring that a high quality service is provided. All wireless links are subject to a ‘line of sight’ between the clients’ premises and the high site location. IMS offer dedicated symmetrical point to point links with capacity ranging from 10Mb to 1Gb depending on the customers’ requirements.