Digital Signage


IMS provide digital signage solutions to clients through Smartersign technology. Smartersign technology deliver an end-to-end platform for rapid creation, management and deployment of powerful and dynamic communication.

This is an inexpensive way for our clients to advertise and communic
ate with their customers. All that is required is one or more monitors with HD compatibility to be able to use this technology. A small device is attached to the back of the monitor/s via the HDMI port, some simple configuring will take place, and the monitor has now become a fully customisable digital sign ready to communicate with customers.


Digital Signage IMS

Sample display created with our Digital Signage technology


IMS use Smartersign technology because we believe business owners and managers should be given full control over the content they display to their customers. Smartersign digital signage can be built from templates, or built from scratch, depending on the client’s preferences, and are fully customisable from a web portal which owners will can easily access. This also means managers and owners can edit visual material in multiple locations from one place.


news digital signage


This allows our clients to display dynamic content to their customers which can advertise, inform or promote in a fully customisable schedule of their liking. With Smartersign’s user friendly interface, business owners will be effectively communicating with their customers in one or more locations in no time at all.