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Marketing Portal

In today’s Digital World, businesses need to be pro-active and up to speed with new technology so not to fall behind your competitors. If you do not have the financial resources for promotional campaigns, you will need smart technology instead to grow your business and increase the number of customers for very small budget outlay.

To meet these demands, we offer a Marketing Portal which helps you to:

– Connect with your clientele

– Deepen your relationship with your customers while growing and leveraging your database.

This user friendly device will integrate with your existing Wi-Fi and set up is fast and simple.

This is a device for all businesses that are eager to learn and engage with their customers. Remember, All of your clients use your free of charge internet, but none of them can see your brand image when connecting to the internet and you are getting nothing in return for your investment in Wi-Fi.


Be smart: Think Local Act Global

The idea of our Marketing Portal is to personalise your business and increase the Brand Awareness in consumers’ minds so they will remember your brand name/logo and relate it with your products and services provided.

Moreover, you can ‘know’ all your clients by gathering their email addresses every time someone connects to your Wi-Fi. This allows you greater interaction and engagement with your clientele. It means you can send a quick email or post to social media accounts informing your clients about your business, special offers, events etc.  It will take only a few minutes to contact hundreds or thousands of your clients.


How does it work?

When a customer connects to the Wi-Fi in your premises, they are greeted with a branded ‘splash page’ which includes your latest advertisement and business logo to increase brand awareness.

The customer is then requested to connect to the Wi-Fi by signing in with an email or social media account. The next time the customer returns to your premises, they will not be required to register but will be presented with the latest ‘splash page’ allowing you to communicate your message to all on premises customers on a continual basis.


The Marketing Portal allows you to manage your customer database, edit advertisement, view Wi-Fi usage stats, and run promotional campaigns.





Your business is provided with a Marketing Portal to manage:

– advertising splash page

– manage the database of new email contacts collected for online marketing campaigns

– helps you track your busy periods to organise staff rosters

– customer log in options

– check and monitor the number of online users and return customers

– view Wi-Fi usage stats

– enables you to know how many times a customer frequents your business