Ruckus Wi-Fi

There has been a huge growth in demand for high quality Wi-Fi across all Multi-User environments over the past ten years. The level of mobile devices currently available to consumers has been a major factor in the increased requirements for Wi-Fi. IMS focus on the delivery of high end Wi-Fi solutions to clients in the Hospitality and Education Sectors in the UK and Ireland. Our existing clients range from student villages, schools, and colleges to large multi-national hotel groups. We have partnered with Ruckus; a highly reputed Wi-Fi hardware provider (visit for more information) to deliver high capacity Wi-Fi for high density environments.

Advantages of Ruckus Wi-Fi:

  • Patented Smart Wi-Fi antenna array technology: BeamFlex, which provides extended range and adaptive signal steering, for the most reliable Wi-Fi, period
  • Predictive real-time capacity channel selection – ChannelFly is one of the industry’s most effective approach to channel selection resulting in up to 50 percent better performance
  • Optimum signal path selection, interference mitigation, and auto RF management, for a consistent user experience
  • Smart Mesh Networking to eliminate the costly, cumbersome task of pulling Ethernet cable wherever you want access points
  • State-of-the-art security — from 802.1x support to Dynamic Pre-Shared Keys, all the latest link layer encryption and authentication mechanisms you’d expect but made simple to administer and manage
  • High-performance dual-band 802.11n access points (meshed or wired) that deliver consistently high-performance at range to new 802.11n and legacy 802.11a/b/g clients
  • Better coverage with fewer access points
  • Configuration in minutes and installation in hours, without cumbersome site surveys or tedious network setup
  • Smart Wi-Fi access points that can be flexibly deployed with or without a Smart WLAN controller
  • Controller stays out of the data path of wireless LAN clients and handles management traffic only
  • Smart Wi-Fi access points handle all control traffic and probe requests/responses, as well as the data path between wireless clients

IMS offer a free survey to any clients interested in acquiring a Wi-Fi provider. There are four clearly defined stages to our approach with new clients:

  1. Site Survey – Look at existing solution and complete Wi-Fi signal and quality tests
  2. Design – Finalise system design and present the solution to the client
  3. Installation – Complete the installation, testing, and sign off of the project
  4. Support – Set up the support structures for the client, manage and maintain the network

For information regarding completed projects, please visit the Case Studies section of our website. For more information or to arrange a free site survey, please contact us by email or by phone (+353 61 310752).