access-control IMS

Access Control


Tenant Access

This system is essentially a fob based wire-free door access system. These fobs are highly resistant and adaptable to weather variations. The iButton fob system reaches a top level of functionally, ensuring quick and intuitive use. This ensures that quick and minimal training is all that is required for the client. iButton offers a simple design, with an attractive look in a range of colours. The fobs can program the locks, and the locks can program the fobs, allowing bi-directional communication without having to wire each individual lock in the building.


  • Copyproof data carrier for high security
  • Strong and ergonomic design for longevity
  • High resistance to variations in weather conditions Apartment Doors (Internal Doors)

All internal doors shall be equipped with self contained off-line fob access door locks. The most relevant characteristics of which are the management, flexibility, control and above all comfort of the system. Car Parks, Common Areas, and Apartments are controlled with one unified system. The system has many features, for example access to the building can be programmed to expire when a tenants rent is due. Full audit trails are maintained by the system for the use of the management company. When the date stamped CCTV footage and the Access Control audit trail are combined this provides a powerful tool for any offsite management company to monitor building usage.


  • Electronic handle blocking system
  • Optional possibility of mechanical cylinder override
  • Tested and approved for 30 minutes fire rating
  • Each set of electronic furniture allows for up to 64000 operations or users
  • Anti vandal protection due to the electronics being housed in the inner backplate
  • Wire free system that operates on 3 standard alkaline batteries which allow up to 60000 operations
  • Manual Key Override.
  • No Keys required for normal operation
  • Panic Latch allowing single handle action to release door lock.
  • Easy to manage from an offsite location.

Door Intercom Access

The main doors to the complex and the doors accessing the apartment zones will have an external mounted vandal resistant intercom that will interface with the door access control system. If a visitor calls to the building they will be able to call the apartment directly by dialing the apartment number. The tenant in the apartment can then allow access to the respective door via their apartment telephone. The Intercom video feed can be viewed by the tenants on their TV in the apartment for extra security prior to opening the Building Door.