Logging Support Tickets

During Work Hours

To report an issue during work hours we have two main channels

1. Email support@imedia.ie / support@imedia.co.uk
2. Phone – Call +353 61310752 / +44 2033551964 press 3 for Support

We ask that you do not email or call outside of the two options above as it will only slow down the process of our engineers attending to your issue.


What happens when you log a support call with IMS?

1. IMS have a dedicated Service coordinator whose job it is to assess the new ticket, ensure all data is correct and present on the ticket and to assess the priority of the ticket.

2. The Service coordinator will then assign an engineer to the ticket and relay any further information they may have (while this may be a verbal hand over all information will also be in the ticket)

3. If the ticket is a priority 1 then our system will initiate our P1 protocol. (See below for further details)

4. The engineer will then review the ticket and per our service level agreement will aim to attend to the ticket and update the client at the earliest possible time. (See SLA Information)

5. All communication between client and engineer should be done where possible via the ticket via email, any verbal communication between client and engineer where actions have been agreed will be also sent via email by the engineer for the purposes of our record.

How do I escalate a ticket if I am unhappy with how it is being handled?

IMS has a service manager whose role it is to ensure that IMS is delivering a first-class service to our clients, if you are dissatisfied with how a ticket is being handled or the speed at which it is being handled then please contact the service manager. You will receive a call back from the Service Manager as soon as possible. Email: supportmanager@imedia.ie / +353 61571555

(When emailing please state the ticket number that you are emailing about so we can review the correct information and attend to it quickly, please also provide the best number to contact you on)

P1 Protocol

When a client logs a ticket that is deemed a Priority 1 or if we receive an alert from our monitoring system that triggers a Priority 1 ticket then the following will occur.

1. Our ticketing system triggers a notification into our Teams channel notifying all the team that a priority 1 ticket has been created.

2. Our Service coordinator will assign an engineer to the ticket.

3. The engineer will within the P1 service level agreement contact the client to notify them that they are working on the issue.

4. For the first 2 hours the engineer will update the client every 30 minutes at a minimum letting them know of any update or progress in resolving the issue.

5. For certain clients where single individuals are responsible for multiple sites our ticketing system will automatically add them to the ticket as a CC for all communication from the ticket.

6. Our service coordinator assumes the role of P1 Manager to ensure the engineer is keeping the client notified and to keep internal parties in IMS notified – if the engineer is busy resolving the issue from a technical perspective the service coordinator will update the ticket and the client as the time progresses.

7. Internally the Account manager for the client and the Service Manager are automatically notified of the Priority 1 ticket.

What classifies as a Priority 1?

It is very important from a support desk perspective that a Priority 1 ticket is actually a Priority 1 as it will immediately take priority over all other tickets in the queue.

To qualify as a priority 1 ticket the following criteria must be met.

1. The issue is affecting multiple people within the client’s environment (Multiple is greater than 10)

2. The issue is preventing the client or affected individuals from working or preventing the client from delivering essential services to its customers.

It is the responsibility of our Service Co-Ordinator and Service Manager solely to identify and assign a Priority 1 status to a ticket.

Service Level Agreement

IMS currently has 3 levels for its service level agreement – Note the service level agreement is only for our initial response to the issue we do not guarantee any resolution time.

Priority 1 / Level 1 – We will respond to the ticket within 30 minutes from the time the ticket is logged in our system.
Priority 2 / Level 2 – We will respond to the ticket with 4 hours from the time the ticket is logged in our system.
Priority 3 / Level 3 – We will respond to the ticket with 8 hours from the time the ticket is logged in our system.