IMS telephone systems

Telephone Systems


We provide a telephone extension to each apartment. These telephones are enabled for free incoming calls and also double as the handset for the Door Access Intercom system. Each extension will have its own Direct Dial-In number (DDI).

For Example:

All apartment numbers begin with 061-33456xx. Apartment 20 = 061-3345620 & Apartment 21 = 061-3345621 and so on. Each apartment can call each other by simply dialing the appropriate apartment number. This enables onsite or off-site management to contact each tenant directly. Voice mail & Emergency ‘999’ calls will also be available to each tenant. All phones are switched on by default and fully operational for inbound calls.

Internal and Management Calls

Tenants can call emergency telephone numbers and also can make unlimited calls within the complex. We can also allow the system to allow calls to internal / external security operators or to the management company if required. Some satellite TV subscriptions require a telephone line to be installed and this system will provide a line without the customer having to install a separate line from Eircom.

Outgoing Calls

If a tenant would like to call outside the building they can purchase a pre-paid telephone call card. This will allow each tenant to make outbound calls at cheaper than Eircom Rates. No Eircom Connection / Disconnection Fees and No Telephone Rental Charges to collect from tenants. Calling Cards can be used on or offsite. This system will eliminate any outstanding bills issues for the management company, if the tenant moves out. Alternatively, the tenant can also have their own direct telephone line installed from Eircom if they so wish.

For more information on our telephone and call management systems please Contact us.