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Television Services

IMS specialise in the design and deployment of TV distribution systems in multi user environments such as Hotels, Student Complexes, and Apartment Blocks. IMS have experience in both new build and retro fit TV systems. TV services provided would typically consist of a standard channel line-up of 12 to 18 channels with options for customers to upgrade to subscription TV services from Sky or other service providers.


Standard Channel Line Up

The standard channel line-up offered by IMS for each user consists of a selection of Saorview and popular free to air satellite channels. Channels provided would include RTE1, RTE2, TV3, E3, RTE News, BBC1, BBC2, Sky News, and many more. To provide this service to a building, IMS install an aerial and satellite dish at roof level and run cables to a communications room where a compact headend would be installed and programmed with the channel line-up. This service can be provided in apartment blocks, student complexes, and hotels.


Subscription TV

IMS provide TV upgrade options for apartment complexes to allow long term tenants to subscribe to TV services such as Sky TV. Using fibre or multiple coax cables will enable tenants to receive a standard channel line up on their TV while also have the option to get Sky + or Sky Multi-Room or similar services from other providers. As standard we would typically facilitate the provision of Sky TV signal and signal from the HotBird 13e satellite. Residents can then subscribe to their chosen service and there is no requirement for an individual satellite dish to be mounted on the building façade to receive signal. Other satellite signals can also be provided at the management companies’ request.


Hotel TV

IMS provide additional options for Hotel clients offering a more interactive and diverse user experience. The TV systems provided regularly consist of up to 50 TV channels with a selection of Saorview, satellite free to air, pay per view, and foreign satellite channels to cater for a broad range of customers. In addition, IMS have successfully developed and installed a hotel information channel where the hotel can manage their own channel adding content enabling further interaction with guests. The hotel information channel is networked to an admin PC and is managed by the client allowing them to display special offers and latest news to the guests. The information channel is set to the start-up channel on each TV ensuring all guests see the hotel message and branding during their stay.


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