5 Ways to Enrich Your Virtual Zoom Classroom

(By Earl Murtagh-Naughton)

This year 2020 has been a transformative one which will be etched in our memories for many years to follow. Everything changed this year, including the way children and university students attend school. During this COVID19 pandemic, the world has adapted social distancing rules, 20-second hand-washing practices, and preventive mask-wearing in public. To say this affected the way teachers and students interact with each other is an understatement.

In March, thousands of children and teenagers nationwide transitioned from face to face classrooms to some variation of a virtual education setup in their homes. During the first months of the pandemic, teachers worked tirelessly to find the best ways to set up a virtual classroom that would keep their students engaged.

Zoom has made moving your class to the virtual space very easy and has presented new opportunities for active learning and student engagement. With schools nationwide reopening in the past couple of weeks, Zoom also offers lots of exciting ways to integrate your virtual classroom with your physical one.

Are you looking for a new learning opportunity for your students? Here are 5 great ways to use Zoom to enrich your virtual classroom.

  • Virtual Field Trips: Why not contact museums and cultural centres nationwide or internationally to take your students on a virtual tour without leaving their seats. Because Zoom is a super easy setup and participants can join a meeting from their mobile device; this makes it possible for staff to give you an exlusive tour right from their phone.
  • Invite Expert Speakers: This provides a great way to help your students learn more about the subjects they are studying. Whether it’s learning about science, technology to the arts; why not invite an expert speaker like a Doctor, Historian, IT Expert, and other professionals for guest lectures to help your students. Zoom is packed full with lots of great interactive features like breakout rooms in meetings and the webinar Q&A function, which helps greatly for mangement and increasing student engagement.
  • Connect with Other Classrooms: Using Zoom Rooms and a Zoom approved hardware appliance like a DTEN D7; why not connect with other classrooms not only in your school or locally, but in other countries as well! Collaborative learning, and learning about other cultures can be a very enriching experience for students.
  • Connect with Foreign Language Natives: For teachers delivering classes on foreign languages; a great way to improve a student’s language practice and to expose them to the local and cultural nuances of the language, would be to invite in a native speaker via Zoom.
  • Explore Careers: For 5th & 6th years students, it is important to get them excited about their future careers especially during these very extraordinary times. An effective way to do this could be to connect with professionals who could be invited to talk to them about their daily activities, lifestyles, and education & training. This is a valuable opportunity for your students to network and could even get them closer to their first job!

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