Energy efficiency is the fastest, cleanest, and cheapest way to combat climate change. IMS now offers an Energy Management Solution delivering a full suite of leading-edge IoT technology designed to minimise energy consumption for your business and deliver a data-driven pathway to net zero.  

At COP 28, the stated objective was to “Triple up (3x renewable energy) and double down (2x energy efficiency)”. It is estimated globally that over 40% of all building energy consumption is avoidably wasted.


Our Partnership

Together with our technology partner Best.Energy, our mission is to create a built environment that is more energy-efficient, more sustainable, and more comfortable to live and work in.

80% of all buildings that will exist in 2050 are already built. By using IoT technology connected to our custom AI platform, IMS can support you in achieving significant energy savings and provide the data to best inform your next step towards net zero.  

IMS Energy Management Solutions

The budget for energy monitoring already exists and you are paying it to your utility provider. With our technology, you can gather your energy data and combine in a single software interface in the cloud to understand where waste is taking place and introduce targeted measures to reduce the wastage.  


Making the invisible, visible

Introducing Eniscope, the world’s most complete ‘hybrid’ energy monitoring system. It is an edge computer, IoT hub, data aggregator, and internet gateway all in one. You can deploy at any distribution board in your property to measure total energy consumption, energy consumption by business function, and energy consumption by asset.  


Energy waste is a drain on your bottom line. Reducing it is the fastest way to increase your profit margins. In addition to monitoring, introduce IoT technology to monitor and control the operation of key assets in your building leading to maximum savings


The key ingredients for energy saving

Attaining high energy savings and sustaining them needs a combined approach of hardware, software, and an experienced service team. Our leading team of virtual energy managers will analyse your building data and support you in making the appropriate interventions to achieve the best outcomes for your business.   


We use the best retrofit technology to convert your building into a smart and data rich environment. The energy savings you achieve save you money overall while creating a more comfortable environment for guests and staff, supporting your net zero journey along the way.


Experience the power of smart buildings, at no cost

Witness a new generation of IoT-driven mini Building Management System. 90% of the functionality of a full BMS, for 10% of the cost. Smarter, leaner, and more powerful to tackle the challenge of energy efficiency in all building types.  


The Movenpick Hotel in Nairobi was facing multiple energy challenges including overall supply issues on the market, rising costs, and a lack of visibility around where energy was being consumed in the business. The hotel has several kitchens, a laundry department, spa, restaurants, and guest rooms.  


The solution  

The solution includes Eniscope for energy monitoring and the implementation of a suite of IoT devices for more specific monitoring and control of building operation and assets. The CUES product has been a great success in managing refrigeration more efficiently in the business. The solution achieved a net positive cashflow within 3 months, saving $75,000 in the first 12 months and achieving overall energy consumption reduction of 15% ongoing.