Why Connectivity & WiFi is Key in Schools Post Covid

by Catriona Tierney

The importance of good Wi-Fi in Primary and Secondary schools especially now in pandemic times cannot be underestimated and is crucial for preparing for the future.

In schools throughout Ireland and the world, the demand for network access has rocketed, with the increasing need to give pupils and staff members access to digital tools for blended learning and the emerging weaknesses in existing school network infrastructure coming to light. As a result, it has become vital that the Wi-Fi networks our educators use are reliable, secure, and provide sound long-term investment.

At IMS we are specialists in this area, our skilled team can help schools to upgrade their systems seamlessly with our support and expertise. Not only can we provide high-capacity broadband connections, we can also help create and manage bespoke Wi-Fi solutions in your school during these ever-changing times.

The Covid 19 pandemic forced the education sector into a sudden transition toward implementing distance learning. Throughout the lockdowns, schools were closed and students relied on their home Wi-Fi as virtual classrooms were introduced. While the recent vaccine rollout meant that schools could finally re-open this doesn’t mean the end of remote learning. A more hybrid approach is now being adopted in education throughout the world, with access to the internet and online content continuing to revolutionise learning. Many students and teachers will still need to access remote learning which means there is still a need for reliable and high performing connectivity and Wi-Fi – to allow access for all students to the content, technology and tools they need to keep learning away from school.

Zoom classes and online events that took place during the lockdowns also showed teachers and parents how beneficial online learning can be with a mixture of traditional classroom settings and virtual settings with internet access now seen as the way forward. Of course, this was always the way things were going to progress in the Education sector, the Covid 19 crisis only served to speed up this technology boom.

Speaking about the advantages of working with IMS on these types of projects, CEO Shane Hartigan said “We can offer an end-to-end connectivity solution for your school, which includes the supply, distribution, and support of all your online requirements. IMS is offering a Wi-Fi and Connectivity Audit Service for every school in Ireland to avail of for their current Wi-Fi set up, so we can provide feedback on its overall performance and detect any issues within your system and we can then suggest any improvements tailor-made to your school’s needs.”

Shane went on to explain that Ruckus WiFi, a long-time partner of IMS for the Education and Hospitality sectors is helping IMS to provide wired and wireless networks that support future-ready technologies with proven performance and reliability. “Together we can help your school to create digital classrooms that can deliver the very best in education, combining blended learning, digital curriculums and other effective learning models which will help both students and teachers,” he explained.

Commscope Ruckus WiFi Hotel Serviced Apartment Coliving

With this kind of digital transformation becoming more commonplace, IMS and Ruckus can also help you tackle the top three challenges of school IT including network scaling, securing student data privacy, and network reliability for blended learning. Most importantly we can help you provide a safe and reliable learning environment at an affordable price. Working together we can also deliver a superior wifi experience while reducing the amount of time you spend managing the network.

The Covid-19 pandemic has made the ability to connect and communicate in education regardless of whether you’re connecting by Wi-Fi, wire, or mobile connection more vital than ever. This has many schools wondering if they have their curriculum ready for distance learning at scale so that it is a good experience and engaging to the students. Also, is the right network infrastructure in place for reliable connectivity and WiFi so that every teacher and student can access these tools easily?  

With IMS, teachers, and students will be able to rely on consistent, trustworthy connectivity and Wi-Fi networks to allow access for all students to the content, technology, and tools they need to for a blending learning model.