Zoom Launches Expo for Zoom Events

By Earl Murtagh-Naughton – Head of Marketing & Brand Development, IMS Zoom has launched a new feature for Zoom Events that give organisations loads more ways to engage with attendees at the their event. Zoom Events is an all-in-one platform for creating a wide range of interactive and immersive virtual events that engage audiences of any size. Expo, now […]

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Increase Event Attendance with Hybrid Events

by Earl Murtagh-Naughton – Head of Marketing Many companies adopted virtual events as a means to stay in touch with customers, shareholders, and industry members during the pandemic. But are virtual events here to stay? As people embrace the joys of getting together with colleagues for in-person events & networking, it doesn’t mean we should abandon the advantages[…]

How Hybrid is the way forward for the Hospitality Industry – combining the best of Virtual and In-Person events

by Earl Murtagh-Naughton – Head of Marketing While many people are still longing for a return to in-person events, the reality is ongoing social distancing protocol means there will still be limited capacity in hotels and venues throughout and Ireland and the UK in the future.  The truth is we have also gained far too many benefits[…]