Logging Support Tickets

During Business Hours

Monday – Friday 08:30 –17:00

To report an issue during our business hours there are two channels available to customers:

  1. Email support@imedia.ie/ support@imedia.co.uk
  2. Phone – Call +353 61310752 / +44 2033551964 and press 3 for Support

Outside Business Hours

Email support@imedia.ie/ support@imedia.co.uk and your ticket will be logged and attended to during business hours.

What happens when you log a support call with IMS?

  1. IMS has a dedicated Service Coordinator who assesses the new ticket, ensures all data is correct and assigns a ticket priority in accordance with our SLAs.
  2. The Service Coordinator assigns an engineer to the ticket.
  3. The engineer reviews the ticket and responds to the customer in line with the ticket’s priority level and SLA.
  4. All communication between the customer and our engineer is done where possible via email but any verbal communication where actions have been agreed is also confirmed through the ticket via email by the engineer.

How do I escalate a ticket if I am unhappy with how it is being handled?

IMS has a Head of Technical Support who is responsible for ensuring IMS delivers first-class service to our customers. If you are dissatisfied with how a ticket is being handled, then please contact the Head of Technical Support by e-mail at supportmanager@imedia.ie or by phone at +353 61571555(Always remember to provide your ticket number and a contact telephone number.)

Service Level Agreement

IMS currently has 3 priority levels for its support tickets. Tickets will be attended to inside business hours in accordance with the details below. Please note the service level agreement relates to the initial response to the issue but does not indicate or guarantee a resolution time.

Priority Level 1 – IMS will respond to the ticket within 30 minutes from the time the ticket is logged in our system.

Priority Level 2 – IMS will respond to the ticket within 4 hours from the time the ticket is logged in our system.

Priority Level 3 – IMS will respond to the ticket within 8 hours from the time the ticket is logged in our system.

Out of Hours Emergency Support

Available 17:00 to 08:30-Monday to Thursday


17:00 Friday to 08:30 Monday

Call +353 61310752 / +44 2033551964 and press 1 for Support

Important: For out of hours calls only Priority 1 calls will be dealt with.

Priority 1: Total service loss or a service issue preventing ten or more users in the customer’s environment from using the service.