Today’s guests need and expect access to private and secure wireless networks that seamlessly enable their smart devices to communicate over Wi-Fi just like in their homes. every time they travel. 

The IMS Personal Entertainment Network (PEN) is a true home from home network that enables you to connect devices and share content in the same manner as you would on your home network.

All devices are kept in a secure, personal network that is not accessible from other guests or devices on the property. The PEN is not just limited to the guest room, it allows you to roam throughout the property while staying connected to the private, secure network.

Each guest will receive an email with their unique WiFi key which is valid for the duration of their stay.
The guest can use this unique WiFi key to connect any device to the network. When a device connects to the network, it will be able to communicate with other devices in the personal network.

This includes fixed room assets such as the TV provided by the property and any device connected by the guest using the unique WiFi key.

Existing smart devices in the guest room will already be connected to your network. These devices often include the guest TV and a Chromecast provided by the property. The guest can connect an unlimited number of their own personal devices to the network including but not limited to the following;

Casting Devices

Voice Assistant
Wireless Speakers
Network Printer

Once the appropriate devices are in place, the guest can share any content that they would in their home to the guest TV including but not limited to;

Amazon Prime
Apple TV
Disney +

The Personal Entertainment Network PEN also comes with a fully featured mobile application to show guests how to use the network and offer further services on behalf of the property. 

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