Volunteers with the LTSP at Limerick

World NGO Day: A reflection on IMS’ community service journey

– Written by Wellness Officer, Danna-Marie Blackwell & Project Manager, Pat Madigan – World NGO day celebrates the work of non-governmental and non-profit making organisations all over the world and the 50+ million individuals who openly and willingly give their skills, personal assets, and time to support and ensure the success of the organisations for the public[…]

Cloudforests Planting Day 2022 – IMS help create community forest on Loop Head.

By Earl Murtagh-Naughton – Head of Marketing & Brand Development, IMS Last Tuesday (22-2-22), Team IMS was very proud and excited to be a part of Cloudforests. ie planting day in Doonaha on the wonderful Loop Head Peninsula in county Clare. Along with the first twenty CoolPartners, we came together to create the first of the Coolforests.ie community forests. We are[…]