IMS are specialists in high-capacity broadband connections via Fibre & Dedicated Point to Point Wireless Links. We offer an end-to-end broadband solution which includes the ProvisionDistribution & Support of a high-quality Broadband Service.

IMS Connectivity comes with auto-failover availability, separation of admin network with dedicated public IP for admin, & WAN Management.

IMS own and operate a high-capacity fibre-based network in Ireland with direct Fibre links to Paris and Frankfurt. IMS is present in Dublin, Cork, Paris, and Frankfurt data centres with high capacity interconnects to IP transit providers.

Fibre Broadband

IMS can provide a fibre connection to any building within all major towns and cities in Ireland, the UK and Europe. Fibre broadband offers unparalleled reliability, capacity and the highest quality broadband connection.

Wholesale Fibre Broadband

IMS offer Wholesale Fibre connectivity ranging from 100Mb to 10GB in Ireland, the UK and Europe. We have many commercial arrangements with Fibre carriers in each territory empowering us with a large network reach.

Outdoor Radio Links

In projects where fibre is unavailable, IMS provide dedicated point to point links from our ‘high site’ locations to distribute a wireless connection. IMS offer dedicated symmetrical point to point links with capacity ranging from 10Mb to 2Gb depending on preference. IMS provide a “1 + 1” setup as standard for resilience, with off-net back WAN to be provided in addition to IMS Radio Link.

Siklu EtherHaul™ Kilo

The Siklu Kilo Series EtherHaul™ products are the most widely deployed 70/80GHz radios in the world. These radios are unmatched in performance and reliability, delivering multi Gbps connections over miles and miles for years and years.

With Siklu’s patented RFIC implementations these capacities are supported at ranges reaching as far as 4.3 miles (6.9km) and at a cost that has led and dramatically expanded the market for gigabit connectivity in the E band spectrums.

Similar to the V band or 60GHz products, the EtherHaul™ Kilo Series supports wide frequency agility in the 70/80GHz bands and extremely narrow beams resulting in an almost unlimited spectrum for dense deployments of EtherHaul™ radios.

Siklu EtherHaul™ Hundred

This suite of products is designed to be light weight and very small in size.  These two attributes are of critical import when designing radios that are targeting street level deployment.

Starting with the EH-500/ EH-700 operating at up to 200Mbps and concluding with the EH-600/ EH-710 at speeds of 1Gbps, this family offers a range of capacities and corresponding distances supported.  All radios in this family are TDD based, and use Siklu’s patented OFDM Modem designed for mmWave at 60 – 70/80GHz.

Operation in these bands offers large swaths of spectrum and coupled with extremely narrow radio beams provides virtually interference free operation today and tomorrow.

Siklu MultiHaul™ Series

With the introduction of MultiHaul™ series of products, Siklu brings to the point to multipoint market the same expertise and technological innovation that have made us a leader in point to point E band/V band market. MultiHaul™ products operate in the widely available and license exempt 60GHz V Band and deliver multi Gigabit throughputs.

In addition to the industry-leading 400 meters range in PtMP configuration, the MultiHaul™ series integrates advanced beamforming meaning there is no alignment necessary between the Base Unit and the Terminal Unit. This plug and play installation coupled with Siklu’s zero-touch configuration approach means MultiHaul™ networks can be deployed rapidly and cost-effectively by a single person.


Racom RAy is a high-speed point-to-point microwave link, suitable for links in the most challenging conditions.

This Full Outdoor Software Defined Radio with Linux OS, is designed for high performance links with maximum reliabilityexceptional system gain and resistance to disturbances. All relevant state-of-the-art concepts have been carefully implemented without compromise.

Wholesale IP Transit

IMS purchase large volumes of IP transit in multiple data centres to provide a resilient high capacity network for our customers. As a result, we can offer high quality blended IP transit services at a wholesale level to other ISP’s and business partners.

Wholesale Data Centre

IMS are present in multiple data centres and can wholesale cabin space and power to customers who wish to be in the data centre but do not have large space requirements. Our existing customers requirements range from 3U to 12U of data centre rack space.

IMS Support

IMS provide support for all of our clients from our Network Operating Centre (NOC) in Limerick, Ireland. We provide robust Service Level Agreements (SLA) for all services provided.

All of our clients can rest easy knowing that their system is being monitored and that IMS will respond to any issues as they are raised.