Integrated Media Solutions are specialists in creating and managing bespoke WiFi Solutions for Hospitality, Commercial, Education and Managed Apartment Complexes. IMS is a proud Tier 1 Commscope RUCKUS WiFi Partner for EMEA.

The tougher your WiFi challenges, the better our WiFi solutions perform!

Why CommScope RUCKUS Wi-Fi?


RUCKUS Wi-Fi sets the benchmark for enterprise wireless performance.

Converged APs

Without careful planning for IoT, networks will evolve to support many overlay networks. The RUCKUS portfolio addresses this with a single converged network.

Universal APs

Are the enterprise APs you own flexible enough to be manageable by a physical or virtual controller, a controller-less option, or the cloud? Ours can.

CommScope RUCKUS WiFi

CommScope Ruckus is the market-leading provider of high-density Wi-Fi Solutions, with almost 70% of the hospitality market and 86% of the world’s luxury properties relying on Ruckus Wi-Fi.

CommScope Ruckus’ unique selling point is its adaptive antenna technology which reduces noise, increases throughput, and improves performance.

Integrated Media Solutions install CommScope Ruckus access points in optimal locations throughout a building, ensuring 100% signal and connectivity to all users.

Key Features

CommScope Ruckus have developed patented technologies for their Access Points that go beyond the everyday to ensure superior connections and awesome user experiences. These include:

– Ruckus Cloudpath – Delivers secure network access for any user, and any device, on any network.

– BeamFlex improves signal performance over longer distances.

– SmartMesh makes it easy to deploy APs in the toughest locations.

– ChannelFly minimises interference by selecting the least congested channel.

– SmartCast maximises the reliability and performance of delay-sensitive applications.

CommScope RUCKUS BeamFlex

BeamFlex technology enables the antenna system within a Ruckus AP to continually sense and optimize for its environment.

This antenna system mitigates radio interference, noise and network performance issues, and improves application flows. The results:

  • Increased performance and range
  • Crystal clear video and voice communications
  • Maximized power efficiency

BeamFlex+ is an enhancement to Ruckus BeamFlex adaptive antenna technology by providing adaptive support to mobile devices. BeamFlex+ enables antennas to adapt to client device orientation in addition to client device location.

CommScope RUCKUS Cloudpath

Cloudpath Enrollment System is a software/SaaS that delivers secure wired and wireless network access for BYOD, guest users and IT-owned devices. It streamlines getting devices on the network and dramatically reduces helpdesk tickets related to network access. Cloudpath software ensures that every connection is secure with encryption for wireless data in transit, role-based polices for network access, an up-front posture check during onboarding and other powerful security features.

CommScope RUCKUS SmartCast

SmartCast is a sophisticated quality of service (QoS) engine specifically developed to maximize the reliability and performance of delay-sensitive applications, such as IP-based voice and video over 802.11 networks. Based on patented technology, SmartCast delivers a collection of unique capabilities — such as packet inspection, automatic traffic classification, advanced queuing and scheduling.

SmartCast is ideal for video and voice over Wi-Fi applications because it ensures disruptive clients don’t negatively effect the performance of others clients on the network (no head-of-line blocking).

CommScope RUCKUS Cloud

RUCKUS Cloud, our AI-enabled converged network management-as-a- service platform, simplifies deployment, monitoring and management of your single-site or geographically distributed multi-site wired and wireless network. Manage all of your wired and wireless networks from anywhere using the intuitive web interface or our native mobile app. Administrators get a unified (“single pane of glass”) view of all venues, as well as connected access points (APs), switches and clients.

CommScope RUCKUS IoT

With the CommScope RUCKUS IoT solutions organisations leverage existing RUCKUS access pointsRUCKUS switches, and RUCKUS Network Controllers aggregate and backhaul IoT traffic over the existing WiFi infrastructure.

CommScope RUCKUS ICX Family Switches

ICX switches work seamlessly with Ruckus Wi-Fi access points and Ruckus SmartZone network controllers and Ruckus Cloud to deliver the most performance and cost-effective unified wired & wireless access solutions on the market today.