IMS offers a complete Digital Signage Solution for the Hospitality, Education & Commercial sectors. Working alongside our partner SignStix,  we deliver digital signage services, which include support, content management, training, development, and installation.

The SignStix platform connects all of your workplace screens with your signage, to display crucial messaging and make real-time business decisions on your behalf. As soon as you wish to make an announcement, or send an important message, your environment will adapt in the blink of an eye.

IMS Signstix Digital Signage is a cloud-based digital signage software platform that gives users the ability to create easily, manage, and deploy digital content to any device, anywhere in the world. The SignStix platform runs on any screen or display and can connect to any physical internet-connected device. We also work closely with our partner Philips Professional Displays to deliver the best hardware solutions to complement the Signstix platform.

Clients can display:

  • Advertisements
  • Notifications
  • Brand Signage

What is Signstix

Developed with simplicity and usability at its core, SignStix is a revolutionary signage platform, allowing you to easily manage your entire digital signage estate from any location. All you need to get up and running is a SignStix Player and access to the cloud-based content management system (SignStix Creator & Director).

Signstix Creator & Director

The cloud-based CMS comprises two parts; our award-winning signage creation and animation tool, Creator, and a signage management and deployment tool called Director.

The SignStix content management system is an extremely intuitive digital tool which allows you to easily create, edit, manage, deploy and report on digital content in real-time. It’s all cloud-based too, which means you don’t have to worry about downloading any software.

Once you’ve configured your SignStix Player(s), logon to the cloud-based CMS and you’re away. It’s that simple. The CMS is divided into two tools used for signage creation, management, and deployment: SignStix Creator and SignStix Director.