IPTV Solutions

IMS offer a complete IPTV Solution for Hospitality, Student Accommodation & Residential Apartment Complexes. Our IPTV Solutions focus on High-Quality in-room entertainment and interactive information delivery. There is a range of customisable features available to enhance and promote the property.

IMS can also provide hospitality standard televisions and monitors particular to a clients request.

Casting Solutions

IMS provide a TV Casting Solution which is an interactive and desirable feature to add to our IPTV Solutions. IMS’s Casting Solution provides each TV with it’s own Chromecast device, all of which can then be controlled with an onsite central controller.

With the IMS TV Casting Solution, guests only ever access the Chromecast device specifically connected in their bedroom. As a hotel manager, you can feel reassured that there is no risk of a hotel guest viewing devices from any surrounding rooms, casting to any surrounding rooms, or accessing any of the Chromecast settings.

Guests can easily and effortlessly cast content to their big in-room TV screen. Designed with super WiFi integration, casting the guest’s device can be as simple as just connecting to the bedroom WiFi, or if preferable, with a TV code.

The Casting Solutions can be monitored to check optimum signal strength is maintained on each Chromecast device for complete guest satisfaction.

Philips Mediasuite For Hospitality

Whether you’re running a hotel or conference center, built-in Chromecast and easy access to the Google Play Store can provide the edge you need when it comes to engaging your guests.

Philips CMND

Optimise your on-screen content with the Philips exclusive CMND platform. Philips Professional Displays that feature CMND put you in total control with powerful content creation, advanced system connectivity and pro-grade deployment through an easy to use interface.